September 28, 2009

Foreclosure Inventory is on the rise - Flood of REO Properties to hit the market

It seems there is growing consensus within the Default Industry, that the current foreclosure inventory is much larger than the most people believe. See these two articles for more information about the pending flood of REOs :

Barclays Reveals Why the REO Inventory Is About to Surge

Scott Olson and the IFS Team are ready to handle the flood of inventory for Sacramento, Placer, Yolo, Eldorado and Solano Counties.

See our info at: and

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January 8, 2009

REO Real Estate Broker Sacramento

REO Broker and Real Estate Team Leader

Scott Olson is a 13 year Veteran of the California Real Estate Industry. He is an Investor, Landlord, Property Manager, Experienced Agent/Broker, Home Owner, and Realtor. Scott has an Associates of Science Degree in Economics and Bachelors in Real Estate.
Scott grew up managing rental properties and bought his first rental when he was 19 years old. Scott has always had a hands-on approach to management, which holds true for personnel, office, transaction, construction, property and REO Management.

IFS Team Handles All Phases Of REO Disposition

With his background, experience, and skills, developing a talented REO team was a natural progression. With the onset of the housing and financial crisis, Scott moved quickly to identify, hire, develop and train a capable team to handle all phases of REO disposition, and the high volume of transactions that our industry was facing.

With a team of professionals specializing in each and every aspect of REO disposition, Scott and the Innovative Foreclosure Services (IFS) Crew went to work earning repeat business and word of mouth referrals in the industry. They continue developing relationships with banks and asset managers. They have Preserved, Managed, Marketed and Sold properties for a large number of institutions, and continue to work for industry professionals around the country.

Innovative Forelclosure services stands ready to exceed clients' expectations, through real life experience, industry knowledge, effective/efficient/thorough communication, solid financial position and a talented, accessible team.

Scott Olson and the REO Asset Management Team, fully understand the specific needs of Banks, Lenders, and Asset Managers. They know how to meet all your asset management needs in a timely and professional manner.

To learn more about Scott Olson and the IFS REO Management Team in Sacramento, go to Innovative Foreclosure Services today!

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