Broker Priced Opinions

What is a BPO (Broker Price Opinion)?

There are a number of reasons when a professional valuation of property is desired yet a formal appraisal is not required. In these instances, our Broker Price Opinion (BPO) service is ideal.

The BPO of a residential property is conducted by a local, licensed real estate professional. The report combines information from a drive-by exterior examination, external data sources, previous sale data, property assessment data, recent comparable sales and current neighborhood listings, as well as a photograph of the subject property.

The BPO includes estimate of repairs to obtain fair market value, neighborhood information, and value estimate (90, 120, 180 day marketing time for "as is" and "as repaired" values). Photographs include subject and street scene photographs. Front photographs of all comparable sales are also available for an additional fee. This product is not an appraisal and does not include an inspection of the interior of the property.

Banks and Lenders usually use BPOs to help determine the value of their properties. A financial institution may order a BPO for the following situations:

  • home equity lines of credit
  • home equity loans
  • requests to remove PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance
  • REO/Foreclosures
  • Any other reason that a bank/lender needs to make a financial decision on a property

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   Broker Priced Opinions in Sacramento County Regions

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